Managing Osteoporosis Posture

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects your bones, leading them to weaken and become fragile and likely to break.

These fractures normally occur in the spine, wrists and hips. Osteoporosis is more common in older people and often the reason why they fall. Falling is a common problem for people aged 65 and over. If you are at risk of falling, we can help you prevent this. There are a variety of treatments for Osteoporosis including medication to strengthen the bones and dietary supplements to boost your Calcium intake.

These are available through your GP. We can help you strengthen your bones, as well as your muscles. It can prevent bone thinning, reduce falls and help you manage any pain. Bone is a living tissue that can be improved through some types of exercise. We can work with you to find activities that suit your needs and that will strengthen your bones.