Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. Adhesive capsulitis is caused when the flexible tissue of the capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint becomes inflamed and thickened.

Some people may get better over a period of 18-24 months but in other cases, symptoms can persist for several years. If you have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder; the amount of movement in your shoulder joint will be reduced or you may not be able to move it at all and you will likely have pain in the shoulder. It is thought to be due to scar-like tissue forming in the shoulder capsule often after trauma and / or a period of disuse.

The good news is that we often find that the initial diagnosis is incorrect. As with other conditions there are any number of reasons for your symptoms in this case we often find that traumatised muscles (Rotator Cuff, Pectoral and Lat Dorsi) are reducing the range of movement and creating pain in and around the shoulder. For full specialist physiotherapy assessment and treatment please contact us.