Medico-Legal Reports

Patients will often need a physiotherapy report to support a claim for compensation following an accident or injury.

These injuries can result from many sources such as; car crashes, accidents at work and slips, trips and falls in shops. These reports are usually organised and paid for via your solicitor, insurance company or rehabilitation management firm.

We have recently prepared reports for Corpore, UKS Medical, NFU Mutual, Red Kite - Quality Solicitors and Smith Llewelyn Partnership Solicitors. We can provide reports to case managers detailing; a subjective and objective assessment summary; amount of functional disability with reference to the patient's activities of daily living, work and leisure; the patient’s rehabilitation potential; a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan based on realistic rehabilitation goals and the latest research and evidence, including costing and provision of equipment and services. Click here to find out how we can help you to recover from your injuries or Call Us to arrange your assessment & report...